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Management of logistics documents

Management of logistics documents
Management of logistics documents


Lux is a logistics company that processes multiple delivery jobs every day. Each job generates a lot of documents. At Lux we manage and automate all those document flows. The final invoice is shared to the end customer through a web portal.

About Lux Logistics

Lux delivers total logistic solutions to their clients. Their commitment, close teamwork and up-to-date materials makes them one of the go-to partners for logistics assignments. They have a clear strategy for the future and we are very happy that they choose Diasbytes to be their partner for their digital transformation journey.

A lot of documents in logistics

In logistics, their are still a lot of documents going back and forth. Both physical and digital documents are generated and sent across in high numbers. Between the start and the end of a logistics assignment you have:

  • Orders

  • Packing notes

  • Shipping details

  • CMR's

  • Delivery notes

  • Invoices

  • Customs documents

  • ...

Lux came to Diasbytes looking for a solution that could manage all these documents, linked to the right logistics order while corresponding with their existing management software Navitrans.

The result

There is a sync in place between Navitrans and Diasonline, our full cloud DMS solution. Logistics orders are created as a folder in the DMS and those folders serve as the base to store all corresponding documents. All documents generated in Navitrans are sent accross to the DMS to create a complete detail and overview of all related information. Diasonline offers all the power Lux needs to manage documents, communication and information around logistics orders. A nice addition to the solution is the transparant communication with their customers. Those companies now receive an e-mail with the invoice attached, together with a link to a portal that enables them to download documents (such as CMR's) related to the invoice. Digital efficiency both for Lux and their customers as a result!

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What can you use our software for?

Manage documents & structure your information

Manage documents & structure your information

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Handle incoming & outgoing communication

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Automate workflows & connect applications

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Report data & get business insights

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