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We help teams work more efficiently with communication and information.
This saves your organisation time and money.

Rossum Partner Benelux

With Diasbytes we provide services,  our own cloud software and a number of partner solutions to help teams efficiently process and manage information and communication. We automate processes, connect systems and build digital archives so that the right information is securely available where and when it is needed.

The right tools in the right place
Pre-process, process en post-process: verwerking van informatie van Diasonline

Want to know how we can make your organisation save money by digitising your administration?

Solutions for your organisation

By functionality

Document management

File management

Relationship management

Document processing


Digital mailroom

Web portals

Reports and BI

Custom-made solutions

By department




Logistics & warehouse

Office management


Your department


Document management software, as-a-service. 

Diasonline is our own in-house developed document management software. It provides users and teams with a user-friendly interface to carry out their daily tasks.

User-friendly interface

Strong security

Advanced search tool

Integrates with over 220 applications

Full API available

Software Diasonline

Rossum partner Benelux

Since 2023, Diasbytes has a partnership with Rossum. With their innovative AI technology and the expertise of Diasbytes in document management and workflow automation, we can both strengthen our offering for the customer.

Diasbytes is the Benelux partner for Rossum and will serve companies facing a variety of document automation challenges.

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