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Policy Statement Diasbytes

Our mission

Diasbytes has a clear mission:

“We aim to make the administration of our customers easier using, our digital solutions. This allows them to focus on what really matters for their business."

Simplifier, warm friend.

With Diasbytes, we want to be a partner that brings simplicity to complex processes. We are a “friend” who thinks along with the customer and on which the customer can rely on. We reinforce this statement with a number of core values:










Every team member is expected to carry these values through everything he/she does. Both internally and externally, these values are crucial to solidifying our identity and policy-making. While maintaining quality and information security, the general policy is further focused on:


  • Delivering qualitative solutions for our customers

  • Continuous improvement of own processes and routines

  • Evolution of our own knowledge through education, training or knowledge acquisition of all kinds.

  • Providing services and solutions according to the strict security conditions regarding data and personal information, taking into account the legislation.

Agreements regarding this policy are discussed and evaluated on a continuous basis with all
team members. Progress is monitored and reported. Corresponding KPIs are set and form an integral part of the general business plan.

The management team will review the policy annually, to keep up with evolutions in the market.  Updates will be communicated in due time.

May 2022

Roy Van den Heede - CEO

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