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What is a CRM?

CRM or customer relationship management system is the place where you manage your customers and contacts digitally. It is an overview of all your contact and address details. Here you can save and consult all customer information. 

In the CRM system you can follow all steps from sending a quote to closing a deal. A good CRM is tailored to your business and needs. 

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Which CRM is right for our company? 

In the first place you have to ask yourself what kind of sales/onboarding/… trajectory you have installed in your company and which way of working is desired. There are CRMs that focus on sales, targets and reporting. There are also CRMs, such as Diasonline, that focus on the information that must be collected in a sales process and its follow-up in the long term. This also includes the necessary numerical follow-up and reporting, but the focus is on the information within a sales file.

I am convinced, now what?

We are happy to visit you to start a process. We collect information about how you work and see how we can introduce our CRM-system. Our team of developers is ready to add specific developments if necessary. If there is a need for a data transfer from a previous system, this can be arranged.

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