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Document Management Software

A digital cloud will digitize all documents in your company. Our software takes care of scanning and sorting all your files. And not only that. It takes care of backup, findability by name, receipt date, metadata and content, reporting and much more.


An online cloud solution contains your company's administration, structured, carefree and always available. Would you also like to digitize your archive? Ask for a demo with one of our experts.


Online cloud for your company

Continuous backup

Findability by name, date, content

Available everywhere

Data Dashboards 

Isn't it too late to start now?

The earlier you start building a digital cloud, the better. But it doesn't have to be a show-stopper if the early years have started out more “chaotic”. During the implementation, we will determine which documents we want to archive and over which timeline. `


When your company has a large number of documents, such as a library or large filing cabinet that needs to be digitized, we like to call on one of our partners who can scan all the necessary documents. Once it has been determined which data should be included, we proceed with integrating all new documents.

Let's talk!

Do you want more information about a solution?

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