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File management

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We provide custom-made software to manage all your company files. This DMS or document management software digitises your documents and ensures fast consultation from everywhere. 

Our digital file management links files with documents and contacts. You always have an overview of which documents are linked and which contacts have access to them. You can organise your sales files, purchase files, projects, customer files and more in our online structure. You can choose to make files by projects, by customers, by date etc. 

Ask our salesteam for more information or a demo of our software.  

Group documents

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Linking files to contacts

Custom software

How do we handle that?

Every company is different, as is the way in which those companies manage their files. That's why our software is hyper-flexible. We adapt our solution to your needs. We start with a good conversation in which we learn from you how your company works and which files, data and connections you need. We make a configuration that is as close as possible to the needs of your organization, after which we fine-tune. This is possible in 90% of the cases with existing software. We teach you (or someone within the team) to make adaptations at a later stage. All this through our user-friendly interfaces with maximum security levels. 


First interface setup

Finishing after feedback

Training of your team 

What is the result?

The result is 1 go-to place to consult all information about things you do on a day-to-day basis. This seems obvious, but it is nevertheless a pitfall within companies that should not be underestimated. File management will save you and your employees time and money and, above all, be able to deal with data, files and documents within your company.

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