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Automated workflows


What is process automation?

Diasbytes wants to automate processes around online contacts, files and documents. Many of these processes are unstructured and untraceable. We provide a simple interface where every user knows perfectly what his or her task in the process is.


Below some examples of processes that we can automate in your organization as standard. 

Digital processing



Approval Processes

Document Recognition

Automate your invoicing process 

Diasbytes helps to process your invoices digitally. That for both purchase and procurement invoices. Through our powerful AI partners, we automatically extract all the necessary data from an invoice that has come by post or by mail. The invoice can be consulted, linked to files, documents and contacts or sent directly to the accounting software as an entry proposal. All this with no or minimal human interaction. No more retyping of invoice information. In need of digital invoice processing yourself? Contact our team, they are ready to answer all your questions. No more hassle in your bookkeeping!

Diasbytes ensures that we can archive documents in a structured way. Our high-level security requirements can be easily achieved with Diasbytes. As a result, Diasbytes is one of our most important partners." 

Wouter Baelde, Corporate Communications Manager - Bpost

Approval Processes

Documents (invoices, contracts) sometimes need to be approved by one or more people before further processing is possible. We offer a flexible and user-friendly solution for this. A document/file can be evaluated by different people or groups of people. After evaluation, the document can automatically follow a further flow. The result can be communicated to different people and can even be stamped on the document for traceability afterwards. In conjunction with invoice processing, this can mean very powerful automation in your company. Approval processes are easy to use in almost every process of an organization.

We also have a solution for digital signing, find out all about it on this page

Document recognition and dispatching

Many companies have a central mailbox(info@…) which is followed by a (number of) persons. With our software we can automate the whole process. With our mailbox readers the mail that arrives can be analyzed on the basis of keywords. AI detects which document type that mail can be assigned to. The e-mail is then automatically forwarded to the right service or person in the organization within seconds.

Our system is built so flexible and adjustable that we can offer a solution for almost every need, provided the right configuration or a piece of customization. 

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