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Mailroom Automation

Automate your incoming communication

Mailroom automation ensures that all your incoming communication is automated. This ranges from physical mail to communication via mailboxes, incoming digital documents, website forms and online communication.

All documents are processed digitally. Via central dispatching, they are delivered to the right person or department. Moreover, we extract important information from the documents and recognize the type of document. This allows incoming communication to be processed efficiently. 

Scanning documents

Processing physical and digital mail

Assign to the right receiver(s)

Safety secured

Communication automation or automation of incoming communication follows a certain flow. The incoming data can take different forms: e-mail, physical mail, digital documents and data from websites or forms. Everything is centralized and processed by our software. Using OCR, metadata and document type recognition, the communication is sorted and classified before it reaches the right receiver. 

Mailroom automation, fysieke post verwerken

Why mailroom automation?

  • Faster processing of incoming communications

  • Automatic creation of structure in communication

  • Making the most of resources

  • Generate output without manual intervention

  • Making remote working 100% feasible

  • Automatic development of a digital archive

  • Linking with other software for optimal process automation

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