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Web Portal

What is a web portal?

We are used to the ability to consult, collect and download documents at any time. 

In your organization there is a good chance that this can be of great added value for your customers, partners and suppliers. A web portal makes it possible to connect different data and show it on a clear webpage. 



Consult data

Connection different data

Available everywhere

Setting up a web portal

The base of a good web portal is the available data. Let that be our speciality. Our software serves as the foundation for your web portal. We use data contained in our software or collect data from ERP packages or ticket systems and offer it in a structured way for use in a web portal. Our API also offers the possibility to process data entered on the portal in a structured way. We have a team of web developers who can develop your web portal according to your needs, but you can also use your own web developer to develop a beautiful portal. 

Can it be done in our own branding?

Of course! We have provided a standard user interface for a portal. But naturally, it's better if you can follow your own branded style. Our web developers or your own web developer can use any style, structure and look & feel that is desired. Our specialty is the data and processing in the back.

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