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An all-round digital workplace for everybody

An all-round digital workplace for everybody
An all-round digital workplace for everybody


Welda has been a customer for over 20 years. As the company grew, so did the implementations. Every department in the company uses our software to perform day-to-day work, as efficiently as possible. From sales to warehouse, from finance to production, we got them covered.

Back to the roots

In 1999, Welda started with Diasbytes as one of the pioneers in a revolution in digital archive management. It was a huge challenge to digitize everything. Welda asked their employees to stop using paper and to start using the Dias platform as the go-to place for information. The benefits outweighed the challenge, and every team member loves working 100% digitally.

What does the solution cover?

Incoming and outgoing e-mails, invoices, delivery notes, manuals, purchase orders, etc. made available to everyone at any time, using the appropriate access rights and privileges of course. Security was a must-have and ensures that everything works as it should while meeting the business requirements. Flowing documents, approval workflows, internal communication, etc. are all covered within one solution. It's been over 20 years since we first started this journey. This means millions of documents are searchable and findable in milliseconds.

The Dias software has become so vital in our day-to-day processes for all our companies. It is the single source of information for everyone in the company, and it allows us to make information available to customers, suppliers and employees. A true example of complete digital transformation. Ken Van Leeuwe - CEO Welda.

Document management

Project management

Task management

Content management

AP Automation

Invoice approval

Purchase management

Contract management

Quality management

Information security management

HR management

Digital signing

Rental management

Machine management

Learning platform

Postal & digital document registration

Communication automation

Certificate management

What can you use our software for?

Manage documents & structure your information

Manage documents & structure your information

Handle incoming & outgoing communication

Handle incoming & outgoing communication

Automate workflows & connect applications

Automate workflows & connect applications

Report data & get business insights

Report data & get business insights

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