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Privacy Policy


Diasbytes is committed to handling your data in a safe and correct manner. Diasbytes hereby confirms to comply with the GDPR legislation.


Processing of personal data

Diasbytes processes your personal data for various purposes. These purposes are limited to internal processing for marketing, sales, support, accountancy, etc.

On this website your personal data (surname and first name, your telephone number, your e-mail address, employment, company and function) are processed when filling in our contact forms. Diasbytes undertakes not to process your personal data for any purpose other than the purposes stated above, unless you give your prior consent for this.

For this processing, Diasbytes invokes the legitimate interest that Diasbytes has in offering an easily accessible, comprehensible, adequate, complete and relevant website.

Diasbytes assures you that your personal data will not be stored if Diasbytes no longer needs your data for the provision of services, or if Diasbytes is no longer bound by a legal retention obligation.

You are not required to transfer your personal data to Diasbytes. However, you are aware that the refusal to provide some basic information to Diasbytes may result in Diasbytes being unable to provide you with specific services, your contractual terms, or your assignments.

For more information regarding the use of the Diasbytes website or, please refer to the cookie policy on the Diasbytes website.

Regarding social media

Diasbytes has company pages on social media (more specifically LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) to inform you about our services, actual topics, etc. You are free to follow Diasbytes via the above mentioned social media channels.

Retention period

Diasbytes does not store your data any longer than the legally applicable retention period.


As a data subject whose personal data is being processed, you have a number of rights with regard to the processing, carried out by Diasbytes. To exercise these rights, you must contact Diasbytes at the following e-mail address: Diasbytes is obliged to respond to this request within a period of one month.

You have the following rights:

You have the right to access your personal data and the right to check how they are being used. Except for those personal data that must be processed necessarily, you may indicate which personal data may not be processed at all or may only be processed for a limited number of processing operations. In addition, you may request that personal data which you do not wish to be processed in whole or in part, will be deleted. In addition, you may request that personal data must be deleted.

You may oppose the processing of your personal data at any time if your objection is based on serious and legitimate reasons. If the processing of your personal data is based on consent you have given, you may withdraw this consent at any time.

If you believe that your rights as a data subject are being infringed by or during the processing of your personal data, you have the right to make a complaint to the Privacy Commission, without prejudice to any other possibility of initiating a judicial review or seeking a judicial remedy.

Transfer to third parties

Diasbytes undertakes not to sell, rent, distribute or otherwise disclose your personal data to third parties, unless the communication is made to the third party under a legal obligation. In exceptional cases, mandatory laws oblige Diasbytes to transfer your personal data to the competent government authorities. Likewise, a court order may require Diasbytes to communicate personal data to people authorized by the order to inspect the personal data concerned.

Diasbytes makes an exception to its non-disclosure undertaking in the event of a partial or complete reorganization or a transfer of the company’s business operations. In such cases, your personal data will be conveyed along with the business operations to the third parties involved in the transfer and in the confidential negotiations prior to the transfer.

As far as possible, Diasbytes will inform you of the transfer to the aforementioned third parties.

Security and confidentiality

Diasbytes guarantees that the processing of your personal data takes place in an appropriate, correct and secure manner.


Diasbytes reserves the right to change this policy. If substantial adjustments are made, Diasbytes will take all reasonable measures to notify you before the changes take effect.

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