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Automating thousands of incoming e-mails

Automating thousands of incoming e-mails
Piette & Partners

Piette & Partners


About Piette & Partners

PnP is an insurance underwriter that is active in Belgium and operates from Kortrijk. They are a daughter company of P&V Group. The ultimate goal of PnP is to stand out in the way they interact and communicate with their brokers. Over the years, they have invested heavily in digital transormation in order to provide the best possible broker and customer experience.

The challenge

PnP has been a long-time customer of Diasbytes. We've been servicing them with our document management solutions for many years. It's in the DNA of PnP to always look at digital optimisation. The business has always been driven by communication with their partners. All this information is properly handled and archived in our Dias DMS. The big challenge was the growing amount of incoming e-mails and the need of scalability in the process. When PnP came to us with that question we were thrilled to get hands on with the project and to find a proper solution for this challenge.

Before AI

The question goes back to the time where there was no (affordable) AI to help us solve this problem. So at first we used a matrix of keywords provided by PnP together with an algoritm that whould score an e-mail. Based on the highest score, we would give an email a certain document type. This resulted in a solution that gave 70-75% correctness. That means that processing those emails took 75% less manual input. A pretty good start! This solution lasted for a couple of years until we saw a great opportunity to introduce the latest AI technology.

AI for the win

We searched for a partner that could help us get from 75% correctness to "as close as possible" to 100%, while processing documents within seconds. Our partner Paperbox deliverd exactly that. Their AI processing engine combined with our DMS and workflow solution provides our customer PnP with a system that processes hundreds of e-mails per day, providing every e-mail with a documenttype, substracting information from the e-mails and providing this information to their teams, 100% fully automated.

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