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Our stepstones to digital transformation

1. Document Management

Bring structure to your documents, e-mails, folders, contacts, data, ... basically anything digital inside your company. Make everything searchable from any point of view and bring security to your information. Step 1 in digital transformation.

Document Management

4. Document Processing

Documents are dead? Well look around in your company and you'll see heaps of documents going around, both digital and physical. Today's technology provides ways of processing these documents with little to no human interaction. Another step in the right direction. 

Document Processing

2. Centralised Communication

Communication comes in many forms and formats and via many different ways. The key to make this work is a central solution that can handle all that communication and provides it to the people, structured in one place with a clear message.

Centralised Communication

3. Automated Recurring Tasks

The biggest source of waste of time, frustration and wanting to stop doing what you're doing are recurring tasks that add value to nothing. Based on rules and available information most of these tasks can be automated. That adds directly to saving time and money.

Automated Recurring Tasks
Full service offering

Supported by the right people

Diasonline screenshot

Cloud software as the foundation of all our solutions. In-house developed and supported. Using the highest security standards and backed by strong Google technology.

Diasonline DMS

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