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Digital archive for millions of documents

Digital archive for millions of documents



Millions of documents

Over the past years, MLOZ has gathered millions of documents. These documents were stored in a big physical archive devided in folders with subfolders, ... Gathering the right information was very time consuming and required physical access to the archive. Physical archives also cause potential security threads.

Digital is the way forward

At MLOZ, they made the decision to go digital. At first, digitisation was a huge challenge to overcome. Together with our partner Input For You, we proposed the right solution. Combining the skills of Input For You with our Diasonline software, was the perfect answer to the challenge of MLOZ.

End-to-end solution

All documents from MLOZ are gathered from the physical archive and made available to Input For You. They scan the documents one by one, using their state-of-the art scanning solution. The documents are classified and labeled before uploading them to the Diasonline software. Even the full text, retrieved via OCR, is provided to Diasonline in order to be able to search inside the text of those documents. Searching for a specific document has never been so easy and secure. Retrieving a document is now done in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

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